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The dionti family

by Alan Minas
Fiction feature film – 96' – Brazil / United Kingdom – 2015

Award for Best Feature Film Popular Jury - 48th Brazilian Film Festival in Brasília
Best Feature Film Award - 3rd Gostoso Film Festival - RN
Best Screenplay Award - 10th Youngabout International Film Festival Bologna – Italy
Award for Best Feature Film Popular Jury - 7th Festin Lisbon - Portugal
Best Child Actor in a Feature Film Award - 16th San Diego Kids International Film Festival – USA


Original and poetic, A Família Dionti tells the fantastic story of a father and his two sons, Kelton, 13, and Serino, 15, who live on a farm in the countryside of Minas Gerais. The mother no longer lives with them, as she melted with love, evaporated and left. While every day he dreams of his wife's return with each rain that falls, the father takes care of his children with a watchful eye, worried that they may have inherited their mother's gift. But Serino is dry and cries grains of sand. And Kelton, when he first falls in love with a circus girl, literally liquefies with love.



Antonio Edson, Gero Camilo, Murilo Quirino, Bernardo Lucindo
Anna Luiza Marques, Bia Bedran, Neila Tavares, Fernando Bohrer
Alisson Minas, Maria Julia Garcia, Myraci A Junior and Julia Bonzi.


Alan Minas , Director and Screenplay
Produced by Daniela Vitorino
Co-producers Emily Morgan and Roni Rodrigues
Livia Serpa montage
Art Direction Oswaldo Eduardo Lioi
Director of Photography Guga Millet
Post-Production Supervisor Roni Rodrigues
Supervision of Sound Editing and Mixing Filipe Paszkiewicz
Clower Curtis Soundtrack
Sound Technician Bruno Espírito Santo
Costume Marcela Poloni
Graphic Design and Animation Patricia Alves Dias and Valerycka Rizzo

Production: Caraminhola Films

Co-production:  Canal Brasil, Quiddtty Films and Hero Films  
Support: TFI Latin America Fund
  - Tribeca Film Institute NY 2015
Sponsorship: Government of Rio de Janeiro – State Department of Culture
Ancine - FSA - BRDE
Distribution: Arthouse

Cultural Support: CTAV - Zona da Mata Audiovisual Hub - Ormeo Junqueira Botelho Foundation - Fábrica do Futuro - Energisa - VPA Urbanism - Hélios Água Mineral – Godam - Muriaé City Hall/MG - Fundarte - Recreio City Hall/MG – NFTS (National Film Television School, UK) - THE FINANCING FORUM FOR KIDS, Sweden.

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