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men overboard

by Alan Minas
Fiction short film - dvcam - 15' - Brazil 2006


Peter always takes the same path to nowhere. One day, he decides to enter the abandoned land, goes through the fences and finds a luxury building, where he is recognized as a resident. When he finds himself, he is at the window of his apartment. Seduced by comfort, he settles in that address. Upon discovering that the man from the studio has died, he runs to the old building, where he confirms the news. Distraught, he returns to the new house, but is faced with the fences on the floor and the vacant lot exposed.


Homens ao Mar - Men Overboard

Homens ao Mar - Men Overboard

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Almir Ribeiro, Claudia Mele and Sandro Cortês.


Directed by Alan Minas
Alan Minas script
Produced by Daniela Vitorino
Director of photography Fabio Regaleira
Guga Millet Camera
Soundtrack and sound design Clower Curtis
Assembly Davi Santaella

Direct sound and sound editing Fatima Araujo
Art direction and costumes Irene Black and Joana Escobar
Production assistants Marcela Poloni and Bia Martins
Scene photographer Murah Azevedo
Graphic designer Joana Escobar
Production Caraminhola Films

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