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house 9

by Luiz Carlos Lacerda
Documentary feature film – 70' – HD- Brazil 2011

Cineport's Best Feature Film Award by the popular jury at the International Festival of Portuguese Language Films in 2011
Screened at Cine-Pe and at the Rio de Janeiro International Festival in 2011
Shown on TV by Canal Brasil/Globosat
"Casa9 is an oasis in the years of lead, an exciting film!" (Rodrigo Fonseca/O Globo)


In the 1970s, during the military dictatorship, composer Jards Macalé and filmmaker Luiz Carlos Lacerda (Bigode) shared a house in Rio de Janeiro - which became a center of convergence for musicians, filmmakers and writers, where they made films and songs that are now classics of our culture.


A film by Luiz Carlos Lacerda
Photography and camera Alisson Prodlik
Edited by Luiz Carlos Lacerda and Paulo Maia
Sound Luciano Perez
Executive producer Luiz Carlos Lacerda, Daniela Vitorino and Cavi Borges
Directed by Luiz Carlos Lacerda and Luciano Perez
Matinee Films Production

Co-production Canal Brasil, Caraminhola Filmes and Cavídeo Produções

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