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The invented death - essays and voices

Organization - Daniela Vitorino and Alan Minas
Saraiva Publisher - 2014

The dynamics in the family relationship during the dispute over the coexistence of a child, especially when those involved are in conflict, often in a process of separation, represents a period of great apprehension. indelible marks. The child, the central figure in this struggle, is surely the one who will carry this question with him the longest, as a sign. Undesirable inheritance.

The book expands the reflection on Parental Alienation, extends a new look at childhood and promotes new perspectives for the family and society as a whole. It covers the field of law, psychology, social work, and advances in a pioneering and subtle approach that the subject deserves and needs.

The potential of the work lies in bringing together 20 testimonies from people involved in this conflict and 20 essays by thinkers linked to Family Law and from the most varied areas of society. The testimonies were extracted from the website of the movie A Morte Inventada – Parental Alienation,  which since October 2008 has provided a space for these publications. The diversity of authors in the communion of the same issue represents a new moment in which society recognizes itself in the theme. They involve everyone, in effects, causes, and solutions.

The authors are: Andréa Pachá - Almir Ribeiro - Beatriz Wey - Bia Bedran - Caetano Lagrasta - Cristine Jacquet - Gildo Alves de Carvalho Filho - Jailson da Souza Silva - Katia Maciel - Lia Diskin - Maria Berenice Dias - Maria Luiza Valente - Martha Mendonça - Melissa Telles - Coen Monk - Ninfa Parreiras - Raquel Pacheco Ribeiro - Ricardo Zamariola - Sandra Baccara - Thalita Faria Machado.

Cover -Rafael Barros Escobar – Illumination: Martha Barros


Teaser livro A Morte Inventada - Ensaios e Vozes

Teaser livro A Morte Inventada - Ensaios e Vozes

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