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From now on

Series of 13 episodes of 26 minutes - fiction - 2016/2017.

At 60, reinventing yourself seems like an abyss. Sometimes it's just a step.

The series will tell the story of three 60-year-old women, from different personalities, who meet in a theater course. They go through decisive moments in their lives, involving age and aging, sexuality, betrayals and addictions, the illnesses of aging parents, failed and troubled relationships, and troubled relatives. Also under this panorama will be revealed secrets, fetishes, and dreams. The characters perceive themselves facing, perhaps, the last chance to be happy. Clinging to this challenge, they make important decisions that will change the course of their lives, uniting them in a close bond of friendship, writing a new story for all. The narrative tone is that of a dramatic comedy, with questions and conflicts always approached with humor, empathy and depth.


Screenplay: Alan Minas, Daniela Vitorino and Deborah Geller
Directed by: Alan Minas
Executive Producer: Daniela Vitorino
Production: Caraminhola Films
Co-production: Cinerama Brasilis

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