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In the stars

by Daniela Vitorino
Fiction short film -10' - video - Brazil 2002

Best Direction Award at the Senac Festival in Niterói in 2002
Awards for Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress at the Campo Grande Festival in 2002
Artistic Contribution Award for the mise-en-scene and decoupage at the UFF University Festival in 2003


A lady lives alone with her animals in the countryside, distracting her time with prayers to see her son again and not die alone. But her routine changes when a new neighbor appears, bringing discomfort, estrangement and what she most wanted: love.


Nas Estrelas - In the Stars

Nas Estrelas - In the Stars

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Lucia Regina Flores and Wilson Pirotti


Directed by Daniela Vitorino
Alan Minas script
Production Director Cristina Calvo
Art direction Daniela Vitorino and Luciana Melo
Director of photography Stefan Schemeling and Paula Canella
Sound Bernardo Richter
Assembly Paulo Camacho
Alan Minas camera
Sound Editing Paulo Soares
Original soundtrack Roberto Côrrea
Production Caraminhola Films

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