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Fading Away

by Alan Minas
Documentary feature film - 80' - HD - Brazil 2009


The film reveals the drama of parents and children who had their bonds broken by a poorly managed marital separation, victims of Parental Alienation. Parents testify to their feelings in the face of the distance of years away from their children. The children, who suffered from this type of abuse in childhood, reveal in a striking way how Parental Alienation interfered in the formation, in the social relationships and, above all, in the relationship with the alienated parent. The film also features law, psychology and social work professionals who discuss the causes, conditions and solutions of the issue.


Caraminhola Films
Script and direction Alan Minas
Produced by Daniela Vitorino
Photography and camera Fábio Regaleira
Editing Marise Farias
Clower Curtis Soundtrack
Direct sound technician Eduardo Silva
Editing and mixing of the sound Benhur Machado
Production Assistant Isabella Copelli
Website production and graphic material Lívia Valpassos, Lua Leça and Thiago Silveira


Poem to Nina

by Alan Minas
Short film visual poem - 5' - HD - Brazil 2012
Debut at the 5-minute Salvador National Festival 2012


A story of mismatch between father and daughter in a visual poem, in which narration and image build the illusion of cinema within each one.


script and direction  Alan Minas
  Daniela Vitorino
  Alan Minas and  Daniela Vitorino
  Caraminhola Films
  Cinerama Brasilis


Poema para Nina

Poema para Nina

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