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When ju escaped inside

by Alan Minas
Fiction feature film - approximately 90' - HD - Brazil 2016

Project selected by the Call for Development of a Feature Film Project of the Secretary of Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro in 2009.

It is a children's feature film aimed at children from 7 years old and their entire family. The film combines real characters and animation in an exciting, fun and intelligent story. The proposal is to follow a cut in Ju's story: the moment of her parents' separation, on the eve of turning 9 years old. Everyone recognizes someone in the experience of this drama. The story is universal, it contributes to the understanding of childhood and its family relationship.


On the eve of her 9th birthday, Ju sees her world change: her parents' separation, her father unemployed, and a new school. To untie so many knots, she has unusual friends, a stuffed crab that goes back in time to when her parents were in love; a Boy with Wings who goes to the future showing that the new teacher is not a monster; and the parents' shoes. Ju emerges victorious, he glues inside himself what can no longer be glued on the outside. Invent a new path. Perhaps a new chance for the three of them.


Script and direction Alan Minas
Producer and Executive Producer Daniela Vitorino
Childhood and media consultant Patricia Alves Dias
Arts Nelson Serrano and Albert Zayas
Veronica d'Orey graphic design

Darkness is in no hurry. After the light goes out, the lamp leaves a trail of light that is gradually lost. My eyes adjust to the dark. But they cling to what they no longer see. I hold on to that last bit of light. On the table, in the fridge, in my hands, before it all disappears. Perhaps there is no remaining light. Perhaps this thread that I still see is just a memory from a short time ago, which I insist on keeping in my memory. But then it escapes.
Alan Minas, excerpt from the short story “When Ju Escapou pra Dentro”.

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