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the language of things

by Alan Minas
Fiction short film - 15' - HD - Brazil 2010
Film freely inspired by the work of Manoel de Barros

Public Notice for the Curta Criança Program – Ministry of Culture and TV Brazil
FAM Honorable Mention Award at the Mercosul Audiovisual Festival 2010
CineFantasy SP 2010 Best Screenplay Award
Screened at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival 2010 - Mostra Geração
Screened at the Florianópolis Children's Film Festival 2010
Shown at the Prix Jeunesse Exhibition 2011
Shown on Cinebrasil TV's programming schedule


In a place, far from everything, live the boy Lucas and his grandfather. The grandfather only knows the language of the river, animals and plants. Lucas is tired of the routine and the stories invented by his grandfather, who says to fish them in the river: word for word. One day, Lucas' mother comes to pick him up to live in the city. Despite his displeasure, the grandfather encourages him to go and learn to speak the people's language. At school, the new language doesn't enter your head, it doesn't fit. And, to make matters worse, he starts writing an invented language, just his own. Everyone thinks he has a screw loose. Then her mother receives the news of her grandfather's death. Back at the place, Lucas runs in despair in the hope of finding him, in the illusion that the news is a made up story. But it is not. Desolate, he sits on the bank of the river and without realizing it, dozens of words are carried by the current.


A Língua das Coisas - The Language of Things

A Língua das Coisas - The Language of Things

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Fernando Bohrer, Julia Bonzi, Lucas Santana and Amir Ghazi


Script and direction Alan Minas
Produced by Daniela Vitorino
Production Director Roni Rodrigues
Production intern Pedro Henrique
Director of photography and camera Daniel Neves
Photography and camera assistant Rafael Tanner
Art direction by Júlia Paranagia
Costume designer Marcela Poloni
Sound technician Benhur Machado
Still photography Hester Rodrigues
Editing Marise Farias
Sound editing and mixing Benhur Machado
Clower Curtis Soundtrack
Sponsorship - public notice - Curta Criança Program - Ministry of Culture and TV Brazil
Production Caraminhola Films

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