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Luiza's Desert

Feature film – fiction - approximately 100 minutes – 2022/2024

  • Riofilme - CoProduction Fund to feature film 2021.

  • 3rd Films from Rio 2016/2017 - International Co-production Lab.

  • Riofilme - Development Fund to feature film project 2015/2016.


Luiza's mother suffers a psychotic break, and little by little, her father becomes absent. Alone, Luiza tries to heal her mother, take care of her younger sister and take care of the house. In the meantime, she falls in love with Cobrinha, with whom she is pressured into having her first sexual relationship. Through him, he approaches a graffiti collective, where his talent as a draftsman is recognized. But the mother's illness evolves. The younger sister goes to live with her aunt, Luíza loses inspiration, can no longer draw and becomes indisposed to everyone around her. Your world falls apart. In the ultimate manifestation of her pain and loneliness, she coldly gives herself to her boyfriend and drinks wall paint. Finally, he discovers that he cannot save his mother, but he can choose his own destiny.


Writer and Direction: Alan Minas
Production: Daniela Vitorino and Natasha Murphy
Production: Caraminhola Films and Union Content
Co-production: Riofilmes

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