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the hostage

by Alan Minas
Fiction short film - 19' - 35 mm - Brazil August 2004

Best Film Award at the 2005 CineAmazônia festival


Peaceful man has his routine changed when he refuses a proposal made by his boss. To his surprise, this takes on incalculable proportions, as he becomes marginalized not only by his superior, but by all the other employees. As he tries to distance himself from the company, from the demands of his colleagues, he realizes that all the people he crosses on the way also antagonize him: the doorman, the gas station attendant, the waiter, including his own wife. He ends up being chased wherever he goes, hunted fiercely through the city streets. Alone, desperate, about to commit suicide, he comes across a mysterious character who has followed his paranoid trajectory from afar. With this encounter, our hero comes back to reality, in front of his boss at the moment he receives the proposal: he will have a second chance to respond.


O Refém - The Hostage

O Refém - The Hostage

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Marcos Breda, David Herman, Evandro Melo, Ribeiro, Claudia Mele, Aglaia Azevedo, Alisson Minas, Sandro Cortez, Wilson Pirotti, Silvano Monteiro, Vinícius Mendes and André Ribeiro


Directed by Alan Minas
Alan Minas script
Argument Almir Ribeiro and Alan Minas
Executive Producer Daniela Vitorino
Production coordinator Roni Rodrigues
Production assistants Marcela Poloni and Suzue Ikeda
Director of photography Fabio Regaleira
Camera Bernardo Richter
Camera Assistant Leo Bastos
Assembly Davi Santaella
Clower Curtis Original Soundtrack
Art direction Daniela Vitorino
Costume Léa Araújo
Direct sound Bruno Espírito Santo
Sound design João Brandão
Continuity Walter Fernandes
Production Caraminhola Films
Co-production Cinerama Brasilis and Apema

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