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You didn't Know about me



by Alan Minas
Documentary feature film – 78' – Brazil
  - 2021

DocLisbon 2021

Rio Festival 2021

Show Ciranda Films 2021

Paris Brazilian Film Festival 2022


Rejane, Pedro, Fatima, Fabiano and their friends prepare to create their own films. In common, they all have serious mental health problems. They go through their memories, their reflections on life and the world, building their own narrative. Between their world and the world of others, they build a powerful reflection on madness, love, loneliness and the challenges that life imposes on us. 

You Didn't Know About Me emerges as a film device, and ends as an affection structure and existentialist elaboration. It is a film within another film, they are stories within other stories. In the exposure of countless layers, it opens up countless perceptions. It questions borderline concepts between reality, fiction and reverie. And it leaves many questions to be answered by those who watch it, including: How many films can we fit in?



With the participation of: Armando Areias dos Santos - Fabiano Caldas Martins  - Luis Eduardo de Bonfim - Maria de Fátima Santos - Maria de Fátima Aires - Paulo Maurício Calmon and Oliveira Barbosa - Pedro Ricardo Baçu  - Rejane Hallelujah  Sergio Stulberg  - Valeria Lopes de Carvalho  

Direction:  Alan Minas

Screenplay: Alan Minas and Vanessa Fort
  Daniela Vitorino
Editing: Ale Taira
Cinematography: Daniel Neves and Bernardo Richter
Sound technician:
  Bruno Espírito Santo
Graphic Design: Veronica DÓrey

Production: Caraminhola Films

Co-production:  Maria Gorda Films

Associate Producers: Café com Angu Filmes and Lusco Fusco Filmes  

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